Our Services

Aspen Tree Consultancy offers an excellent level of service and expert arboricultural consultant advice. We provide tree services to commercial companies, private individuals and the public sector on projects of any size. Our services include:

Mortgage & homebuyers reporting

Our surveys and reports can be tailored to suit both private tree owners and mortgage providers. Our surveys identify all trees on site and provide guidance to the client on tree condition, legal constraints and any negative impact to the property.

Tree health & condition surveys

Our tree assessment reports are undertaken by Ryan McConnell whom is our qualified and insured consultant. The report will clearly identify tree species, highlight any defects and associated hazards within the tree as well as assess the level of risk posed to people or property. The report will also include recommended remedial works with associated time scales.

Pest & disease identification reports

We specialise in the diagnosis of all relevant tree pest and diseases within the UK. On analysis, we can provide a full understanding of the consequences of such infections and advise on remedial works as well as on the biosecurity and limitation of spread on specific infections.

Preliminary bat surveys

Being a protected species included on the IUCN red list and numbering 18 in species type, Bats are afforded protection which can impact tree and or development works.  We can assist with the identification of potential bat roost features (PBRF) including upper canopy inspections where the next actions can be determined and discussed.

Planning applications & advice

It is important to know that some trees are subject to protection in the form of Tree Preservation Orders, trees may also on occasion be located in conservation areas, these being managed by local authorities. As a consultancy service, we are able to advise on which trees are protected, act as your agent in submitting the relevant application for proposed works and advise on appropriate remedial tree surgery.

Aerial tree inspections & reporting

In general, trees are inspected from ground level which is often sufficient enough to provide a thorough evaluation of the tree condition. Where a particular tree warrants an aerial inspection, this is a service we can provide and report our findings to give a more comprehensive assessment and service.